I like to solve problems using technology and computers

I enjoy learning and helping others to learn


Lately most of my work has been geared toward using various technologies to create digitial signage solutions. Some of my creations are being utilized across the world in retail stores. Others in office buildings and schools. You can find some of my creations below.

Android Bluefruit Playground

Hackaday.io Projects

Digital Signage

About Me

I was lucky enough to be able to learn Java in highschool. Within a few years of graduating Android had been released and gave me a platform to use the knowledge that I had acquired. I got the first Android phone shortly after its release, and began writing programs for it. Much of my earliest Android work revolved around barcodes in some form. I <3 Python


Would you like to know more about any of my projects? Do you know of something awesome, that you think I'd like? Are you looking for a developer to help bring your idea to life? Please get in touch.